• Tutorial: Introduction and Installation of WebVR
  • Comparison: MagicLeap vs. HoloLens vs. Oculus Rift
  • Photo Summary of the 32nd HCIL Symposium

Tutorial of Ray Casting, Ray Tracing and Ray Marching


Introduction As GPU power is becoming significantly better than CPU, ray casting / tracing and ray marching is widely used in 4k intros and demoscenes to create 3D (interactive) graphics. – Thanks to all the references listed in the end, I learnt so much about and I would like to share with the knowledge to my friends. This tutorial…

CUDA Study Notes


I just started to learn CUDA this summer (isn’t it too late? no, it is never to late to learn!) The processing today gets faster because we have more transistors available for computation, thus learning parallel computing is essential for GPGPU usage. Smaller and more efficient processors are used to increase the computing power. A…

CHI 2016 Summary From VR / AR Point of View


Here is a brief summary of CHI 2016 from my point of view via Google Slides. The best paper in my view is: Haptic Retargeting: Dynamic Repurposing of Passive Haptics for Enhanced Virtual Reality Experiences  

MSR Intern Fitness Group Training Procedure


This afternoon, I participated in the MSR Intern Fitness Group Training event. It was an one-hour exercise without break which enables us to work out almost every muscle in the body. First, rope jumping for 10min as a warm up. Next, jump grids. Ickey shuffle & Boogie Woogie & Sideways Skedaddle & Lateral High Step…

[Summary] Diverse Visual Imaginations for Video Prediction


Katerina Fragkiadaki from Google Research gave a talk on Diverse Visual Imaginations for Video Prediction today. Abstract We, humans, constantly need to predict what is about to happen, e.g., how objects are about to move, how our actions will affect their motion, where to fixate our attention,   in order to see and act in the world…

[Summary] Computer Graphics for Next Generation Displays, Input Devices, and Data


Today, Prof. Matthias Zwicker gave a talk in UMIACS entitled “Computer Graphics for Next Generation Displays, Input Devices, and Data“. The talk was given on March 8th, 2016; the second follow-up talk was given on April 19th, 2016. Talk Abstract Research in computer graphics has been strongly driven by advances in display technology, the development…

Quick Fix: PHP SSL certificate error: unable to get local issuer certificate


Steps: Go to https://github.com/bagder/ca-bundle/tree/e9175fec5d0c4d42de24ed6d84a06d504d5e5a09 Fork or download the repository, put the file ca-bundle.crt in a certain place. Open php.ini, add two lines of code: curl.cainfo=“your-dir/ca-bundle.crt” openssl.cafile=“your-dir/ca-bundle.crt” Everything works fantastically now!   This is useful for your are scraping the Twitter.

[Talk] To Measure or Not To Measure Terabyte-Sized Images


Dr. Peter Bijcsy from NIST gave a talk entitled “To Measure or Not To Measure Terabyte-Sized Images” today in UMD CS Department. Abstract and Bio This talk will elaborate on a basic question “To Measure or Not To Measure Terabyte-Sized Images?” posed by William Shakespeare if he were a bench scientist at NIST. This basic question is…

The best cross-device game ever in WebGL connecting phone and PC


Open https://lightsaber.withgoogle.com/experience in Chrome (I didn’t try IE) Open the associated URL on your phone. Use your phone as a Light Saber to defeat enemies! Swipe your phone to control the sword. Here are the techniques behind the game: https://developers.google.com/web/showcase/case-study/lightsaber

Creative Usage of Apple Pencil


Here are some inspiring experiments using Apple Pencil for image processing, audio synthesis and electronic scale. Image Processing with PencilController: http://flexmonkey.blogspot.co.uk/2015/11/pencilcontroller-using-apple-pencil-as.html PencilSynth – An Apple Pencil Controlled Synthesiser: http://flexmonkey.blogspot.co.uk/2015/11/pencilsynth-apple-pencil-controlled.html PencilScale – Using an Apple Pencil with an iPad Pro as an Electronic Scale  http://flexmonkey.blogspot.com/2015/11/pencilscale-using-apple-pencil-with.html First impression of Apple Pencil Surface Pro 4 Pen vs. Apple…

SIGGRAPH 2016 Submission Site Open


SIGGRAPH has always celebrated the synergy of art, science, and technology through a passion for graphics, interactivity, enhanced realities, games, mobile, robotics, visualization and any other area where creative convergences occur. For more than 40 years, our conference has nurtured collaboration and connections, and has served as a hub, bringing together scholars, creative practitioners, and…