Internship is of great significance to CS students. Here are 13 tips for internships inspired by Lilian from UW as well as Sidhant Gupta.

Summarized by Ruofei Du.

  1. Make sure you clean up your desk and work space before you leave for your internship!
  2. Internship is not just a 9 to 5 work-on-your-own-thing job.
  3. Use internship as an opportunity to broaden your network.
  4. Internship is a potential source of letters of recommendation.
  5. Make connections with not just your mentor but other people there.
  6. Explore the environment to see if it’s one you’d like to work in.
  7. Foster potential collaborations for the future, too.
  8. Attending planned activities highly recommended!
  9. Good opportunity to bounce ideas and paper drafts off of people there
  10. Go in with a goal of what you’re going to accomplish by the end (CHI paper? particular user study? etc). Tangible goals will help you focus. Have one, even if your mentor somehow doesn’t push for a deliverable goal.
  11. Beware of strict IP rules. Avoid using UW resources there (otherwise it technically gives UW rights to work there). Don’t use state-funded equipment to do your internship research.
  12. If you need resources, chances are the company you’re working at can provide that for you (even if it’s expensive e.g. translation services, specific hardware, etc). Nice opportunity here.
  13. If you’re deploying something with human subjects, be sure to check with your mentor about procedures. Some companies don’t do IRBs, which makes it non-transferable to UW’s academic work (you’d have to submit a data-reuse IRB when you return if you want to keep working on.
  14. Assume the internship as an interview for a full-time position.