AtmoSPHERE is a course project I did in 2013. It mimics a Zen garden, also known as Japanese rock garden or Ryoanji garden, creates a peaceful way to visualize space and tranquillity. In this paper, we introduce AtmoSPHERE, a new method for automatically imbuing a Zen garden with properties of its surrounding space and occupants. AtmoSPHERE uses a Microsoft Kinect to monitor and extract movement in a room and then visualizes representations of this movement physically via sand traces on a custom built XY servo sandbox table. We present our prototype system, the design process and interaction modes, feedback from a preliminary deployment, and a discussion of future work. 


In September, 2016, Bruce Shapiro has made a follow-up, professonal version of AtmoSPHERE, named Sisyphus (The Kinetic Art Table). and collecting over one million dollars in Kickstarter. What a success! Congratulations Bruce!


Here are some of the scenes behind AtmoSPHERE: