• Interactive Poisson Blending on GPU
    Interactive Poisson Blending on GPU
  • 404 Not Found In Two Triangles
    404 Not Found In Two Triangles
  • Simplest and Fastest GLSL Edge Detection using Fwidth
    Simplest and Fastest GLSL Edge Detection using Fwidth

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[Summary] PointNet, PointNet++, and PU-Net

Shuo Li presented a talk at GVIL weekly seminar: PointNet, PointNet++, and PU-Net PointNet Instead of 3D convolution, PointNet directly consumes point clouds, which well respects the permutation invariance of points in the input. A point cloud is an unordered set of vectors. Each point Pi is a vector of its (x, y, z) coordinate plus extra…

[Summary] Point Set Surfaces & Least Square Meshes

What is the problem addressed by the paper? How to represent smooth shapes? How to smooth surfaces? How to process range-scanned meshes? How to improv normal and boundary continuity? image credit Alexa, et al. What is the approach used to resolve the problem? In differential geometry, a smooth surface is characterized by the existence of smooth…

Social Street View wins the Best Paper Award in Web3D 2016

I am thrilled to announce that Social Street View has won the Best Paper Award at Web3D 2016, which was held next to SIGGRAPH 2016 in late August! Please visit the project website for more details: http://www.socialstreetview.com I also published my slides and videos.  

CHI 2016 Summary From VR / AR Point of View

Here is a brief summary of CHI 2016 from my point of view via Google Slides. The best paper in my view is: Haptic Retargeting: Dynamic Repurposing of Passive Haptics for Enhanced Virtual Reality Experiences  

Three Lessons to Learn from a Best CHI Paper

Reviews of ColourID: Improving Colour Identification for People with Impaired Colour Vision. http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=2702578 This paper introduces three new techniques to assist people with impaired color vision (ICV) to identify colors. Unlike traditional color identification software which suffers from speed, precision and generality for all ICV users, the proposed technique visualizes all colors from a big…

Behind the Scene of AtmoSPHERE: Representing Space and Movement Using Sand Traces in an Interactive Zen Garden

AtmoSPHERE is a course project I did in 2013. It mimics a Zen garden, also known as Japanese rock garden or Ryoanji garden, creates a peaceful way to visualize space and tranquillity. In this paper, we introduce AtmoSPHERE, a new method for automatically imbuing a Zen garden with properties of its surrounding space and occupants. AtmoSPHERE uses…

Statistics of ISMAR 2015 Science & Technology Papers

ISMAR 2015, the 14th IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality, will be held in beautiful Fukuoka, Japan. Recently, the prestige ISMAR 2015 S&T Papers have come out: http://ismar.vgtc.org/ismar/2015/info/ismar-sessions/st-papers In order to investigate some insights into the publication data, I made the following statistics of ISMAR 2015 Science & Technology Papers. Congratulations to their groups! I am looking forward…

[Video] Nature Paper – Robots that Can Adapt like Animals

The Intelligent Trial and Error Algorithm introduced in the paper ‘Robots that can adapt like animals’ (Nature, 2015): the video shows two different robots that can adapt to a wide variety of injuries in under two minutes. A six-legged robot adapts to keep walking even if two of its legs are broken, and a robotic…

[SIGGRAPH 2015] Fairy Lights in Femtoseconds

Today Sujal introduced Fairy Lights in Femtoseconds Project by Ochiai et al. to our group. Basically, it is a tangible holographic plasma in the mid-air or water or florescent (plates)! Their SIGGRAPH 2015 paper entitled “Fairy Lights in Femtoseconds: Aerial and Volumetric Graphics Rendered by Focused Femtosecond Laser Combined with Computational Holographic Fields” can be downloaded in arXiv….

[Summary] DynamicFusion: Reconstruction and Tracking of Non-rigid Scenes in Real-Time – CVPR 2015 Best Paper

It is not surprising for me to learn that Richard Newcombe, Dieter Fox, Steve Seitz won the best paper award by DynamicFusion in CVPR 2015. UW really rocks in the 3D reconstruction field. Summary First let’s read the abstract of the paper: We present the first dense SLAM system capable of reconstructing non-rigidly deforming scenes in…