Managing a large library of references for researchers can be hard work. I usually use Mendeley + ShareLaTeX for writing papers. Both tools are free and easy to collaborate with co-authors.

Mendeley + ShareLaTeX

First, please install Mendeley from its official website. Here is an official YouTube video introducing Mendeley:

There is also a quick tip on easy import using Mendeley. The second way I suggest is using the Mendeley extension for Chrome. The other way to import CS reference is to copy a BibTeX text, paste to the Mendeley application.

As for ShareLaTeX (click me to register), it’s an online LaTeX editor where you can write papers in real-time together with co-authors. The great part of ShareLaTeX is template, real-time version control automatically and co-author chatting. Here is a list of tutorial by ShareLaTeX

EndNote / Mendeley + Word

However, there are some authors that prefer EndNote with Microsoft Word. To use Mendeley with Word, just click Tools->Install Word Plugin. Here is a short 7 minutes tutorial on it:

Other comment

  1. How to collaborate?
  2. How to change the format / style of bibliography?
    • In the EndNote X7 Panel of Word, in Bibliography section, there is a very tiny icon at the bottom right corner, click it, change the style to numbered.
  3. Please notice that Mendeley is free but EndNote is not (30-day free trial); some universities or institution bought EndNote though, please Google “the-name-of-your-institution + EndNote” to check whether it’s bought or not.

Finally, enjoy writing!

P.S. There is a WordPress plugin to manage reference for blog writing: I’ll take a try later on.