• Interactive Poisson Blending on GPU
    Interactive Poisson Blending on GPU
  • 404 Not Found In Two Triangles
    404 Not Found In Two Triangles
  • Simplest and Fastest GLSL Edge Detection using Fwidth
    Simplest and Fastest GLSL Edge Detection using Fwidth


SIGGRAPH 2016 Submission Site Open

SIGGRAPH has always celebrated the synergy of art, science, and technology through a passion for graphics, interactivity, enhanced realities, games, mobile, robotics, visualization and any other area where creative convergences occur. For more than 40 years, our conference has nurtured collaboration and connections, and has served as a hub, bringing together scholars, creative practitioners, and…

Reviews of Google Spotlight Stories vs SIGGRAPH Paper HQ Free-Viewpoint Video by MS

Google published the Spotlight Stories on Android and iPhone, which features 360-degrees film. With the app available now in iOS, users of Apple devices can also enjoy its featured films, including the Windy Day by former filmmakers from Pixar. Three other stories are also available with the application, including Buggy Night, Help, and Duet (a film also directed…

[SIGGRAPH 2015] Fairy Lights in Femtoseconds

Today Sujal introduced Fairy Lights in Femtoseconds Project by Ochiai et al. to our group. Basically, it is a tangible holographic plasma in the mid-air or water or florescent (plates)! Their SIGGRAPH 2015 paper entitled “Fairy Lights in Femtoseconds: Aerial and Volumetric Graphics Rendered by Focused Femtosecond Laser Combined with Computational Holographic Fields” can be downloaded in arXiv….

[Summary] SIGGRAPH 2015 Art Gallery Trailer

Here is an inspiring video from the upcoming SIGGRAPH ’15:   Comments: The main theme this year seems to be connecting digital with physical. Actually, This year’s theme is Hybrid Craft, a showcase of craft techniques and values in contemporary digital design. The gallery emphasizes the importance of craft heritage in contemporary digital design, where…

Comparison of Different Submission Systems

Just submitted a 200MB SIGGRAPH Asia 2015 paper… I have been rejected from CVPR ‘13, CHI ‘13; and this SIGGRAPH might make the last one 🙂 From my expierences, the SIGGRAPH submission system is the best one I have used so far. The reasons are as follows: Coauthor Management: Unlike PCS which CHI and UIST…

SIGGRAPH 2015 Papers

I am collecting as many video as possible on YouTube from SIGGRAPH 2015 papers. Technical paper trailer: Here is the full playlist: