• Interactive Poisson Blending on GPU
    Interactive Poisson Blending on GPU
  • 404 Not Found In Two Triangles
    404 Not Found In Two Triangles
  • Simplest and Fastest GLSL Edge Detection using Fwidth
    Simplest and Fastest GLSL Edge Detection using Fwidth


Wearable Interactions Using Touch without a Touchscreen

Prof. Xing-Dong Yang presented his splendid work on “Wearable Interactions Using Touch without a Touchscreen” today at HCIL, University of Maryland, College Park. His pioneering work on MagicFinger (UIST 2012) inspired our work on HandSight. His recent work on Jetto (CHI 2018) extended the design space of micro-finger gestures; Pyro (UIST 2018) extended the haptic potential on smartwatches & smartphones; WrisText extended…

[Summary] Dr. Izadi’s Holoportation Talk on UIST 2016

Finally the talk on Holoportation is publicly available on YouTube. This is a very useful talk which gives big pictures of the state-of-the-art on real-time 3D reconstruction. For the future? Infrastructure FoV Headset removal Compression Interestingly, someone in the UIST 2016 conference mentioned about the problem of mobility. And this is the mobile Holoportation which…

Project VRSurus Videos and Photos

Our 7-day project VRSurus won the fourth place at the Student Innovation Contest of ACM UIST 2015. Here is our trailer video, photos and gaming experience videos. For more information, please visit VRSurus.com    

ACM UIST 2015 Summary from AR / VR Perspective

It was a great pleasure to attend the ACM UIST 2015 conference at Charlotte, NC for the first time. First, let me explain my initial motivation to UIST (skip this if you felt boring 🙂 I just keep it as a memory. The first time I learnt about HCI is when I was conducting a student research project, EyeControl, in…

Lessons learnt from VRSurus: A Tangible Virtual Reality Game Project

Lessons learnt from a live demo of VRSurus at UIST 2015. Introduction: We introduce VRSurus, a tangible serious game that aims to inspire children to protect the environment in immersive virtual reality (VR). VRSurus is built upon a physical puppet and a VR head-mounted display (Oculus Rift DK2) to create “tangible virtual animatronics”. The player will…