• Interactive Poisson Blending on GPU
    Interactive Poisson Blending on GPU
  • 404 Not Found In Two Triangles
    404 Not Found In Two Triangles
  • Simplest and Fastest GLSL Edge Detection using Fwidth
    Simplest and Fastest GLSL Edge Detection using Fwidth

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Real Artifacts

An interesting page listing photographys from the real world that seems like computer graphical artifacts 🙂 http://graphics.cs.williams.edu/realartifacts/   Finally catched the SIGGRAPH deadline! Hooray!  

Weta Workshop Made the Magic Leap Demo

A year and a half ago, I wrote a blog post talking about Comparison amongst MagicLeap vs. HoloLens vs. Oculus Rift, in which I said about MagicLeap: Finally, the Magic Leap sounds more promising to me. However, I don’t think the technical product will come until 1~2 years later, let alone the consumer product. All these information…

Likert Scale and Paired T-Test Are Not Good Friends

Non-parametric Tests Unfortunately, it’s the first time that I learnt that Likert scale cannot be used together with t-test. According to my favorite Stat Wiki by Prof. Koji Yatani,  Roughly speaking, there are two cases in which you want to use non-parametric test: Ordinal data: If your data are ordinal (like the results from Likert-scale…

What are PCA and FLA / LDA?

PCA The main idea of PCA is to seek the most accurate data representation in a lower dimensional space. For a formal definition, according to Wikipedia, Principal component analysis (PCA) is a statistical procedure that uses an orthogonal transformation to convert a set of observations of possibly correlated variables into a set of values of…

What is P value?

P value is the probability that you are wrong if you reject the null hypothesis. or P value is the probability that you get equal or worse result if your experiment is right… or according to Wikipedia: For example, if you propose a hypothesis that Trump has more positive tweets than Hillary has, the your…

Recover my Favorite Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10

It’s annoying that the original Windows Photo Viewer disappeared on a newly installed Windows 10 system. A quick fix is as follows: Create a new file called whatevername.reg and paste the following registry code into the file:

Next right click any image file -> property -> modify the default viewer -> find Windows Photo Viewer….

Follow-up Project After AtmoSPHERE:

AtmoSPHERE In 2015, Kent, Max and I, together with our brilliant advisor Jon, made and published a sand-art project called AtmoSPHERE. It creates beautiful visualization of Kinect path-tracing data with a lego-built, customized XY table. Our Project Page is here: http://www.duruofei.com/Research/atmosphere Our Poster is here: http://www.duruofei.com/Public/poster/Du_AtmoSPHERE_poster_CHI2015.pdf Video: Sisyphus It turns out that our idea was not such a crazy idea…

MSR Intern Fitness Group Training Procedure

This afternoon, I participated in the MSR Intern Fitness Group Training event. It was an one-hour exercise without break which enables us to work out almost every muscle in the body. First, rope jumping for 10min as a warm up. Next, jump grids. Ickey shuffle & Boogie Woogie & Sideways Skedaddle & Lateral High Step…

SIGGRAPH 2016 Submission Site Open

SIGGRAPH has always celebrated the synergy of art, science, and technology through a passion for graphics, interactivity, enhanced realities, games, mobile, robotics, visualization and any other area where creative convergences occur. For more than 40 years, our conference has nurtured collaboration and connections, and has served as a hub, bringing together scholars, creative practitioners, and…

It is High Time to Start a Revolution in Tech Interviews

References: On Secretly Terrible (Old) Engineers by Danny Crichton College Examinations: Is Anything Significant? by Ruofei Du Traditional tech interviews are terrible to both employers and potential employees. It is not merely a waste of time, but also a great pressure to both. Almost everyone attended interviews agreed such points, but the fact is: we are…