It took me one day to solve the codec problem in Chromium…


If you are using Linux, please try:

sudo apt-get install chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra

If you are using Windows, you need to replace this file of Chromium.


Install Chrome first, this file would be found from your Chrome folder, such as:



Both Chromium and Chrome supports WebM. However, when preparing WebM format video, make sure the codec is vp8 instead of vp9; otherwise, the HTML5 Video API setCurrentTime may not work fluently.

How to encode a WebM format?

Use a plugin in Premier is the best choice if you have access to Premier. Click here to visit the Premier WebM Project.

WebM is the HTML-5 standard video format that relies exclusively on open source and patent-free technology. It uses the VP8 and VP9 video codecs together with the Vorbis and Opus audio codecs, wrapped up in a Matroska container.

Why do we need Chromium?

For the ultimate WebVR, obviously!

What is WebM?

WebM is a video file format. It is primarily intended to offer a royalty-free alternative to use in the HTML5 video tag. The development of the format is sponsored by Google, the corresponding Software is distributed under a BSD license. The WebM container is based on a profile of Matroska.