Dry Lights, an experimental film through the visual label Antivj, is brought to us by independent French artist Xavier Chassaing.  In the film, visual effects lead us through a landscape both foreign and familiar feeling.  In Chassaing’s first fully computer-generated project, the music draws you into the electrifying experience while the visual scene engages the desert is a dramatic light show.

“Dry Lights is an experimental film that lies somewhere between a site-specific installation and a performance, where choreographed lights meet organic landscapes…Using Oaxaca’s dense and varied vegetation as a living canvas, the artists created an imaginary journey experienced by navigating through the different sound and light artworks installed in the garden. An hour-long night walk through cacti – an illuminated, dream-like exploration – was intentionally disorienting, allowing visitors to lose themselves, consumed by the different artworks.”

Go here to learn more about the Dry Lights film.  The lighting and sounds effects are unreal…quite an experience.

Dry Lights, a film by Xavier Chassaing
Music & sound design: Thomas Vaquié
Producer: Nicolas Boritch / Antivj