This afternoon, I participated in the MSR Intern Fitness Group Training event. It was an one-hour exercise without break which enables us to work out almost every muscle in the body.

First, rope jumping for 10min as a warm up.

Next, jump grids. Ickey shuffle & Boogie Woogie & Sideways Skedaddle & Lateral High Step & Pogo Hops. An example video is as follows:

Take a little rest by walking steps onto a bench; as well as squatting down.

Next, grip an enormous rope and swing it up and down; switch side and squat down.

Afterwards, two people in a team, switch legs forwards and backwards, high ten!

Two people throwing balls, hit balls;


Lifting weights;

Stretch fingers and lift up rolling rope.


Then every piece of your muscles would be exercised!


Being an intern at Microsoft is awesome!