First, let’s have a look at the majestic WWDC 2015 Conference Hall. Here links the live movie from Apple.

1. OSX, iOS, WatchOS

We can always learn a lot from the presentation style from Apple: Simple slides, fluent animation and live demos. But most importantly, tell a story to your audience.



Apple released OSX El Capitan. The top 10 new features are as follows:

  • Cleaner Windows. A computer desktop is like a real desktop: When you’re busy, it can turn into a scattered mess. A new feature in Mission Control lets you display all your open windows cleanly with a simple swipe or move some of them to a new, clean desktop space.
  • Split-screen on the Desktop. (BetterSnapTool will cry!) Forget having to manually resize and shoehorn two apps onto your screen when you’re using a Mac, too. The new Split View mode, which is similar to Windows’ Snap feature, lets you pick two apps and work with them, side by side, in glorious fullscreen.
  • Mute Noisy Tabs in Safari. (copying from Chrome again, eh?) At long last, one of Chrome’s best features is coming to Safari. Mac OS X El Capitan lets you know which one of those 6,793 tabs is making a racket and lets you mute the offender without hopping to another tab. You can also mute all tabs without touching the system’s volume.
  • Metal for Mac. To me, metal is like Unity3D. Metal isn’t just for iOS anymore. Game developers will be able to tap into future Macs’ GPUs thanks to Metal for Mac. Apple says the graphics-core tech will speed graphics rendering by up to 50 percent when El Capitan is released to the public this fall.OSX_metal_render
  • Spotlight Speaks Plain English. Search enhancements are a big deal for both iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan this time around. The newest version of Spotlight has cleaner results for public transit, stocks, video, weather, and sports. Better yet, you can type stuff like

    document i wrote last month about pudding

    and get what you’re looking for.

  • Swiping Gestures In Mail. When you’re busy pruning your email down to inbox zero, OS X now acts a lot more like iOS. The new version of OS X supports swiping gestures. Swipe right to mark your messages, and swipe left to kick those emails to the curb.
  • Mightier Maps. Look man, not everyone uses Uber. The latest iteration of Maps has goodies for everyone who uses public transportation, including directions involving transfers and directions based on your target arrival time. You can also port directions you generated on your Mac over to your iPhone.
  • Big Cursor. You no longer have to act like some sort of computer DJ getting wicky-wicky on the trackpad when you simply want to find your cursor. In Mac OS X El Capitan, the mouse pointer swells up like the Hulk when you wake up your machine, so it’s plainly visible. Cleaner Windows.
  • Pin Sites In Safari. Sure, these are basically just bookmarks, but they’re elegant and uncluttered. Pinning a website drops a little chiclet with its logo on the far-left side of Safari’s tab bar, so your days of manually entering URLs are long gone, son. Long gone.
  • Richer Notes. People love Evernote (I hate Evernote ruined Pen Ultimate‘s algorithm completely) for a reason, and now the new Notes app baked into the Mac does some similar tricks. Now users can add photos, maps, and URLs to their notes. Additionally, the Notes app also allows users to draw inline sketches with their fingers. And with everything synced up via iCloud, Notes may put a damper on third-party note taking applications.


iOS 8 now covers 83% of iOS, what an amazing update rate… Perhaps this is because many perfectionist hates the red dot on the Settings icon 🙂

The iOS 9 update is only 1.8GB. It cares user privacy (really? what does Google and Microsoft think? lol)

Besides, improved Apple Map (but I’ll keep on using Google…)

Apple Maps will be getting transit directions. So whether you’re travelling via bus, subway, or train, Apple Maps can tell you how and where to go. At launch, transit directions will be supported across 30 U.S. cities and 300 cities in China.

Better battery life (as claimed, up to 3 hours improvement):

iOS 9 features a new “Low Power” mode that can increase iPhone battery life by upwards of three hours. What’s more, because of the software’s improvements, iPhones running iOS 9 can enjoy an extra hour of battery life even without “Low Power” mode enabled.

Finally, the iOS 9 supports multitasking!

For the first time, iPad users will have the ability to have two apps open at the same time, with the option to choose between a 50/50 or 70/30 screen split. This feature, we should point out, will only work on the iPad Air 2.

Apple also made a huge play to take over your car’s dashboard: CarPlay.

Basically, it’s an embedded iPad that controls your car in a native way.

Watch OS

I didn’t use watch OS, but basically, Watch OS supports email replies, video, audio recording, battery visualization, alarm clock mode and watch Kit for developers.

Apple on Monday also unveiled an Apple Watch SDK that will enable apps to run locally on the device itself. As a result, we can expect faster app performance all around. What’s more, developers will have API access to a whole host of Apple Watch components, including the digital crown, the device’s health sensors, and the Apple Watch’s haptic engine. Having said that, it stands to reason that the quality and utility of Apple Watch apps is poised to expand dramatically in the months ahead.

2. Siri and Apple Pay

Siri now supports reminder and searching your photos with native English.


Apple Pay is expanded into England and Passbook on iOS is renamed to Wallet. I believe it will be the future though few people are using it frequently now.

3. Apple News

This app might kill Flipboard on iOS. It’s magazine style and beautifully designed. The contents can be customized by users and layout is generated automatically.

The animation is really fun and makes news come to life. Videos can be embedded into the article.


With iOS 9, Apple has kicked Newsstand to the curb and replaced it with a new Flipboard-inspired app called News. With the News app, users can take a look at a sampling of stories from top news sources based on topics that can be pre-selected. Apple says users will be able to “explore over a million topics” from top news organizations and indie publications such as The New York Times, Buzzfeed, and ESPN. Even better, the more you use News, the better the app will be at presenting you with stories you might find interesting.

4. Apple Music


  • The revolutionary app that streams all music (that Apple has purchased), first 3 month free, 9.99$ per month or 16.99$ per family.
  • Apple Beats One: Live DJ audio services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Allows musician to publish music and interact with fans.

Here is a formal introduction:

Apple on Monday introduced its long-anticipated streaming music service. As expected, the service will feature on-demand music streaming, a worldwide radio station, and song recommendations based on user tastes and artist recommendations. Price-wise, Apple Music will cost $9.99 for a single license. A family license which can support six users will cost $14.99 a month. The new service will be bundled inside the iOS Music app and will come with a free three-month trial. Whether or not it can topple Spotify remains to be seen.

5. Swift

One sentence: Swift is open-source now.

The style of Swift is very modern:


That’s all. Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing!