Christian Laforte leads the development of Fortem’s Omnipresence 3D software. It helps organizations prevent costly mistakes and respond to incidents in record time — protecting our communities against increasingly complex security threats.

This is definitely a great leap of my prior work, VideoFields. At the time, I was offered only three surveillance video cameras and would like to create an immersive virtual environments using them. It works from the research point of view. And today, Fortem’s Omnipresence 3D software. makes a big move which seamlessly integrates 57 leading brands of security, automation and IT equipment, e.g. video cameras and recorders, access control, video analytics, GIS, GPS, radar, sonar, gunshot detection, etc. In addition, it alerts users of abnormal situations and provide the most relevant and actionable information needed to make timely and correct decisions, and features unique Immersive 3D technology that eliminates manual steps to increase productivity and manage incidents better and faster.


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